We offer quality and unique family office style services to like-minded families and business owners. 

We combine both your personal financial needs as well as your business, to be a one stop shop for your overall picture. We re-define wealth management for Canadians by providing a fully-integrated, customized service tailored to their unique needs. Previously, these families faced the challenge of coordinating various aspects of their finances, leading to inefficiencies and a lack of clarity. Our approach emphasizes objective, independent advisory services, fostering trust and providing solutions based on knowledge, facts and relevance to each specific client situation.



1. Advisory services: Objectivity, independence, and lack of conflicts of interest.

2. Enhanced services: Ensuring a comprehensive and sustainable approach to wealth management, such as: asset management, advanced tax and trust planning, estate planning, philanthropy, business planning strategies and multi-generational estate planning.

3. Relationship: Founded on knowledge, trust, guidance and solutions rather than products to avoid any transactional nature.

4. Introductions and support: Access to a specialized group of local professionals to assist in different areas of your overall financial picture. Such as tax accountants and tax lawyers, family and corporate lawyers, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, insurance brokers (home, auto, P&C etc).. to name a few.

5. Comprehensive: A range of services encompassing a tailored investment management process, meticulous financial planning, incorporated planning and advising services for your partner(s) and multiple generations of your family, accountability coaching, financial education and seamless integration of data.

6. Application: Using academic data alongside financial science as an investment approach that provides an advantage to your overall investment experience.

7. Low cost: An investment philosophy that believes in offering solutions with low fees to clients.