One - 30 minute intro-meeting

I want to learn more about you, your family or your business and understand your concerns to see if we can be a good partnership.

  • What led you to make or agree to this call

  • Tell me about your journey and how you got to where you are today

  • What would you be looking to achieve with me and my team

  • Where are you currently at right now and where are you hoping to be in 3, 5, 10+ years

  • What does living your good life look like to you? Identifying values, priorities, and goals


Two - 45 min to 1hr client discovery and fact find meeting

We will have an in-depth conversation and uncover what is important to you. I will ask some questions within the following categories: Diagnosing todays problems, clarifying vision, purpose and values, understanding money history, setting clear expectations and what you want to achieve in the areas of: financial management and money coaching, retirement planning, investments, risk management, tax and estate planning.

Some important pieces of info I will gather:

  • Investment statements

  • Insurance statements

  • Cash flow estimator.

  • Details surrounding pension info (if applicable)

  • Liabilities and debts


Three - Present and implement the recommendations

After we have developed your personalized plan, a meeting will be set to review the final product. You will be informed on the steps you need to complete to achieve the desired outcomes. This is also your chance to discuss any changes or concerns regarding your plan.


Four - Track and manage progress

Once your plan has been implemented, our work is not finished. We review your plan during regular review meetings to ensure you remain on track and we have an opportunity to make any changes to maintain a plan for success. This will also provide an opportunity to discuss new goals and needs.