What to expect from investing with us

As an investment broker, you can expect unbiased advice with access to a range of investment options from different leading investment and financial institutions. We guide clients to the most appropriate investment strategy based on their goals, objectives, and risk tolerance.

We add value to our investment offerings by providing low-cost portfolios from investment managers, since 1981 that have based their investment approach by applying decades of academic research and experience.

Our preferred outsourced investment manager applies an investment strategy that provides the investor with the market return without guessing the market, which can more often lead to additional systematic risk.

5 areas of focus for our client portfolios

1. Developed investment strategies using academic research

2. Acquiring a thoughtful implementation process that adds value to investors

3. Having some of the lowest-cost investment solutions in the industry

4. Creating a disciplined approach and managing emotions

5. A long track record of sustainable growth

What is the outcome for you?

- Your investment is no longer speculation and simply becomes a method for consistently obtaining an efficient market return

- Implementation of compelling ideas in finance for the benefit of clients. An enduring philosophy, strong client commitment, and deep working relationships with the academic community to underpin the approach

- Seeking to add value by building portfolios that target higher expected returns cost-effectively

- Integrating a dynamic, market-driven process with a flexible trading strategy, properly managing the trade-offs that matter for performance

- An approach that is applied consistently across a full suite of global and regional equity and fixed-income strategies, allowing us to help meet the diverse needs of our clients

- More tax efficiency and lower costs, so your investment dollars go further.